Supreme Court Ruling Brings Great Relief to New Jersey’s Newly Insured

The U.S. Supreme Court’s action today in King v. Burwell is a wonderful decision, and a great source of relief, for the nearly 200,000 New Jersey residents who would have faced losing their health insurance. Whether you like or loathe the Affordable Care Act, we’re at a point in its implementation that we’re seeing some real impact – real benefits – for healthcare consumers who now enjoy greater access to the healthcare services they need. To have backtracked on that progress would have been devastating for those individuals. It also would have been a big blow to the hospitals and other healthcare providers that take care of those patients regardless of their ability to pay, and would have introduced a great deal of uncertainty throughout the insurance marketplace. I’m thrilled that we can continue with our efforts to improve our healthcare delivery system and strive to make quality, affordable healthcare accessible to all. 

Written by Betsy Ryan at 00:00

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