Dr. House and His Fictional N.J. Hospital Bid Farewell

I watched the last episode of House last evening with my husband, who is an avid fan of the show. I used to be a regular viewer too but fell out of the habit. I know there has been a lot of media attention on the last episode, and I thought it appropriate that someone from the New Jersey hospital community should say an official, “Goodbye and thank you, Dr. Gregory House.” Unless you’re a regular viewer, you may not realize that the long-running TV series was set in the fictional “Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.” Some of what occurred there was definitely far-fetched (it was TV, after all) but there’s no denying that a hospital setting provides plenty of fodder for life-and-death drama. Dr. House, of course, always seemed to create his own drama by terrorizing many an intern, resident, administrator and patient, but he also was always able to diagnose the patient by the end of the hour and be the hero. Thanks, House. Your N.J. hospital family will miss you.
Written by Betsy Ryan at 20:13

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