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The New Jersey Department of Health and NJHA's Health Research and Educational Trust of New Jersey invite you to join for the 2020 New Jersey Antimicrobial Stewardship Recognition Program (ASRP). This webinar will recognize and award healthcare facilities that have developed, implemented and maintained high standards for antimicrobial stewardship program efforts, while also providing education for viewing stakeholders to learn from successes and challenges in adopting a successful antimicrobial stewardship program.


  • Award healthcare facilities who have established or maintained high caliber antimicrobial stewardship programs between 2019 and 2020.

  • Provide a forum and educational collaborative among healthcare facilities to illustrate successes and challenges of developing and sustaining antimicrobial stewardship program efforts, especially during pandemic situations

Wed. 12/16

Program Objectives:

  • To afford participants an overview of the most current issue of Coding Clinic

  • To offer a platform to ensure that coders are aware of the most up to date advice

  • an opportunity for discussion and questions related to the quarterly update


Thu. 12/17

The updates to the CPT Manual for 2021 are effective January 1, 2021.  Changes will include revised and deleted codes, and new codes and modifiers.  This program will prepare health information coders to apply the new and revised codes accurately.
Webinar participants will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Implement changes in your facility to accurately report the 2021 CPT codes

  • Reduce denials by reporting the 2021 codes accurately and timely by the Jan. 1st effective date


This three-webinar series taught by the LW Consulting, Inc. team of clinicians and administrators with long term care experience will address how to successfuly integrate an infection preventionist into a nursing home's or assisted living community's operations and quality improvement program.

  • Session 1, Nov. 18, 2-4 pm, will focus on the underlying federal and state requirements for infection prevention and control.

  • Session 2, Dec. 1, 2-4 pm, will address the roles and responsibilities of the infecion preventionist vis-a-vis the facility's team, with particular emphasis on policies, procedures, hand and respiratory hygiene, surveillance, QI and respiratory protection programs.

  • Session 3, Jan. 20, 2-4 pm for nursing homes will focus on QAPI, the team members' commitment and strategies for success and Jan 21, 2-4 pm for assisted living communities will focus on the impact on the role of team members and how to get results.


  • To learn steps for successful integration of an infection preventionist as part of your facility's leadership team.

  • To maximize results through ensuring commitment of facility leaders and team members.