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This Program will prepare health information (HIM) and other clinical professionals

to understand concepts and current trends related to Social Determinants of Health,

population health and how clinical documentation and the HIM coding practices can

have a positive impact on health.

Participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about the background of SDoH, national trends, and current legislative and health provider initiatives

  • Understand how data analytics and coordination of care can reduce costs while improving care

  • Learn how improved documentation and ICD Coding can drive health and value

  • Understand how HIM professionals play a role in overall health status


Wed. 4/15
Wed. 7/15
Wed. 10/14
Wed. 12/16

Program Objectives:

  • To afford participants an overview of the most current issue of Coding Clinic

  • To offer a platform to ensure that coders are aware of the most up to date advice

  • an opportunity for discussion and questions related to the quarterly update



This conference is open to New Jersey Healthcare and Public Health stakeholders across the state and will be an excellent opportunity to learn the basic concepts of emergency supply chain preparedness during disaster situations. It will allow attendees to connect with coalition peers, engage regional partners and increase their understanding of current supply chains in order to optimize their operational preparedness. 



The CCS Exam Prep is a refresher course designed to assist you with the challenges of studying for AHIMA’s Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) examination. Are you ready? Each session is designed to improve, review, refresh, and renew your coding skills.

Each session will offer guidance and practice with multiple choice and medical scenario test taking, as well as recommendations on what you need to do to prepare for the actual exam.

The CCS Exam Prep will include lecture, discussion, assessments and exercises and will target topics most likely to be included in the CCS exam. The CCS Exam reparation course is designed to help you pass the test! Participants are encouraged to have a current CPT and ICD-10-CM/PCS books available during the webinars.


The updates to the CPT Manual for 2021 are effective January 1, 2021.  Changes will include revised and deleted codes, and new codes and modifiers.  This program will prepare health information coders to apply the new and revised codes accurately.
Webinar participants will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Implement changes in your facility to accurately report the 2021 CPT codes

  • Reduce denials by reporting the 2021 codes accurately and timely by the Jan. 1st effective date