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Date Start Time End Time Description Location
10/19/2016 9:30am 11:30am Teaching Hospital Constituency Group NJHA Boardroom
10/26/2016 12:00noon 2:00pm Policy Development Committee NJHA Boardroom
11/2/2016 11:00am 12:00noon Finance Committee NJHA Boardroom
11/2/2016 10:00am 11:00am Investment Committee NJHA Boardroom
11/8/2016 12:00noon 2:00pm In-House Counsel Constituency Group NJHA Boardroom
11/15/2016 11:00am 12:30pm with lunch HBS Board of Directors NJHA Boardroom
11/15/2016 1:00pm 2:30pm HRET Board of Trustees NJHA Boardroom
11/16/2016 2:00pm 4:00pm NJHA Board of Trustees NJHA Boardroom
11/16/2016 10:30am 11:30am HealthPAC Board of Directors NJHA CR2
11/23/2016 11:00 12:00noon 401K Plan Investment Committee Meeting NJHA CR 1
12/1/2016 9:30am 11:30am Chief Financial Officer Constituency Group NJHA Boardroom
12/2/2016 10:00am 12:00noon GRO Constituency Group NJHA Boardroom
12/5/2016 10:00am 12:00noon Physician Executive Constituency Group NJHA Boardroom
12/14/2016 10:00am 11:00am Insurance Fund Board of Trustees Conference Call NJHA PCR 1
12/14/2016 11:00am 12:00noon UC Fund Management Committee Conference Call NJHA PCR 1
12/16/2016 9:30am 10:30am CEO Webinar NJHA CR 2