What’s More Divisive Than Healthcare Reform? Baseball

On a national scale, the big debate is still about healthcare reform. NJHA is actively involved with our congressional delegation, and the American Hospital Association in shaping the final package. Right now we’re tracking five – count ‘em, five – different proposals.

But while lawmakers battle over healthcare, the big debate in my house right now is… major league baseball. Everyone in my house loves baseball, but it can be as divisive as the public option. I grew up a Philadelphia Phillies fan, but my husband and I spent five years in New York City during the most recent glory days of the Yankees. I became a Yanks fan as well, but for some reason, my husband was immune to the lure of the Bronx Bombers. So you might think I am jumping on the bandwagon, but there is a reason why I have a favorite National League team and a favorite American League team.

But, like I said, I live in a divided household. My husband and son are Phillies fans, and they actively dislike my AL team. They even make fun of the designated hitter rule. In the first round series, the Yankees were preparing to sweep the Minnesota Twins, while the Phillies and Colorado Rockies were beginning one of the coldest games in playoff history (at the ridiculous start time of 10 p.m.) A crisis loomed: Which game would we watch? As we wrestled for control of the TV, the Yanks won and TBS switched over to the Phillies game. Crisis averted. If only things would work out so smoothly on Capitol Hill.

If I have my dream of a Yankees-Phillies World Series (would we call that the NJ Turnpike Series?) it will be a difficult time in my household, but I am more than willing to endure the gentle ribbings from my husband and son for that series. Maybe I can convert them to be dual fans? That’s probably as likely as getting S. C. Congressman Joe Wilson to agree with President Obama. But I can dream.

Written by Betsy Ryan at 18:10

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Thomas Beck said...
As a lifelong diehard Yankees fan, I just hope the Bombers make the World Series, and then I don't really care who they play, Phils or Dodgers. Either would be terrific. I can't imagine what it will be like in the Ryan household if it's Yankees-Phillies, though. Good luck keeping peace with your family, Betsy!

(And go Yanks!)
October 13, 2009 09:27
Jeff Montaigne said...
You have truly captured the entire Healthcare debate by comparing it to our national pastime...In today's world where technology rules and everything is done 'half baked' and without true thought or procedure...it is refreshing to use the 'pastural, theatrical and patient values of baseball' to compare...FYI, for me a Red Sox/NY Met fan there would be nothing more satisfying then to see Joe Torre along with Don Mattingly swagger into Yankee Stadium for some sweet revenge and while we are there, let's bring our good friend Manny Ramirez in just for fun!
October 13, 2009 12:01
Joe Morris said...
Another great blog from Ms Betsy - gives me hope that perhaps baseball can be an example of how to find common ground on legislation that will result in reform that improves our heathcare system. During the Denver series I discovered there is a direct link between healthcare and baseball - everytime a call is made to the Phillies bullpen - I start to have chest pains. However that pain is still more desirable than what those poor suffering Mets fans have - again no playoffs after shelling out beaucoup bucks on new talent - well at least they have a new ball park.
October 14, 2009 03:50