‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough to Headline NJHA Annual Meeting

My guilty pleasure during the work week is waking up and running downstairs to catch a half hour of the Morning Joe program on MSNBC before my husband and son wake up. I have watched the show for years. It provides thoughtful debate and dialogue and showcases numerous differing perspectives on an issue, which isn’t usually the case onmost cable TV news channels.

The show is led by host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman from Florida who gives a conservative but pragmatic viewpoint on the issue de jour. He’s joined by Mika Breznienski (yes, I had to look up the spelling), who gives intelligent commentary plus she sometimes acts as the Mom on the set when the boys get off subject. Add to the mix a wide range of guest commentators like Pat Buchanan, Harold Ford, Arianna Huffington and the guys from Politico.com (one of my favorite Web sites), along with Willie Geist, who has his own show – “Way Too Early” at 5:30 a.m. – and who also plays a key role. I watch them for normally a half hour. After that, the rest of the family wakes up and my son commandeers the TV to watch SportsCenter.

Obviously, I’m no casual observer of Morning Joe, so I was thrilled to learn that NJHA was able to get Joe Scarborough to be our keynote speaker at the NJHA Annual Meeting Jan. 14 in Princeton. I think he will be a great speaker, will be honest during Q & A, and since he will be unchecked by Mika, who knows what he will say? I encourage all NJHA members to consider attending. (Watch this site in the coming days for registration information.) This is our premier member event, where we will be installing our new Board chairman and other officers. It promises to be a great day.

Written by Betsy Ryan at 18:11

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