Thanks to the Rescuers, from Cape May to Chile

Yesterday morning I awoke to the news that the six fishermen lost off the coast of Cape May were located, safe and sound, by the Coast Guard more than 1OO miles out to sea. Then later, as a I drove home from work, I heard the welcome news that the rescue process had begun for the Chilean mine workers who have been trapped 2,000 feet underground for 69 days. What wonderful news for the individuals rescued and their families, friends and loved ones.

It is gratifying to hear good news in a 24-hour news cycle filled with grim updates about the economy and political sniping. But there is another side to this story, and that is the countless hours, days and – in the case of the Chilean miners – months of work by countless rescue workers joining together for the long-awaited result as the whole world watched. The U.S. Coast Guard and all of those involved in the Chilean rescue did their jobs wonderfully, tirelessly and we thank them for being heroes each and every day, even when we aren't watching, and even when we aren't aware of the work they do.

Written by Betsy Ryan at 13:19

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