Report Shows N.J. Hospitals in Top Quartile Nationally in Healthcare Quality

Quality improvement is no accident, and I applaud New Jersey’s hospitals for their continued advances in improving healthcare quality in New Jersey, as seen in today’s annual release of the Department of Health’s Hospital Performance Report. New Jersey hospitals have committed staff, energy and financial resources in the ongoing quest for the best possible care. That work is producing results: The 9th annual report shows consistent and steady improvement, with New Jersey hospitals now ranking in the top quartile nationally in these quality indicators.

While we are proud of our success to date, we know that our work is not done. Quality improvement is a focused, ongoing endeavor in hospitals across the state, at NJHA and within our state Department of Health. It’s a partnership that will remain focused on producing high-value healthcare for the people of New Jersey.

To New Jersey’s patients: Remember that no single report can encompass all of the information that is important to know about healthcare quality. We encourage individuals to learn all they can about patient safety and quality healthcare – from report cards like this one, but also from hospital Web sites, word of mouth from friends and neighbors and the opinions of a trusted physician or nurse.


Written by Betsy Ryan at 00:00


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