The Boys of Summer

One of my best-read blog entries wasn’t about healthcare, but baseball. My husband and son are diehard Phillies fans. And while I truly love the Fighting Phils, I also love the New York Yankees. As I posted here last fall, the most recent World Series was hard to watch in my home. But we all joined together Monday night to root for the boys from Toms River, who beat an excellent team from Bucks County, Pa., to make it to Williamstown to the Little League World Series. I think it’s the 10th time a team from Toms River has advanced this far. There’s something special about watching kids play baseball. The Toms River team was down 4-1 early in the game but fought back to win 8-5. My son plays Little League so he could relate to the players from both teams. I watched as the moms in the stands clutched each other as their kids came up to bat, and we all watched the joy of the Toms River team as they celebrated their come-from-behind victory – as well as the sadness of the kids from Council Rock-Newtown as they looked on. Toms River is reportedly playing a team from Ohio this Saturday. Go Toms River, New Jersey!

Written by Betsy Ryan at 20:24

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