Where Do You Stand on Future of Health Reform?

Now that the mid-term dust has settled in Washington, D.C., thoughts turn once again to the issues before us. And one of those burning issues is the future of healthcare reform.

Healthcare reform was a factor in how voters cast their ballots, according to a new poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation. And as you know, the mid-term elections left us with a divided government – the House is now solidly Republican, and the Senate remains in Democratic control. And, of course, President Obama is still the President of the United States.

The Kaiser poll showed that about 17 percent of respondents cited healthcare reform as one of their top voting issues, following the economy/jobs, party preference and voters’ views of the individual candidates.

But what struck me as even more interesting in the poll were the opinions on the future of healthcare reform. The respondents were sharply divided on how Congress should proceed on healthcare reform. Roughly 21 percent favored expansion of the reform law, 19 percent wanted the law to remain as is, and 24 percent preferred to see the law repealed.

I recently read in the Philadelphia Inquirer that one conservative commentator said the GOP strategy around reform is to “defund, delay and debunk.” Here at NJHA, we’ve long said that the Affordable Care Act isn’t a perfect solution, but that something must be done to reverse the spiral of rising healthcare spending, the growing number of uninsured and inadequate reimbursement for healthcare providers that threatens an access-to-care crisis.

But I’d like to hear where you stand on healthcare reform. Should we stay the course and see where it leads us? Repeal it entirely? Refine the law to correct trouble spots? Click below to weigh in – I’m eager to hear your opinions.

Written by Betsy Ryan at 18:08

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