New Year Ushers In Hospital Cuts Under Health Reform

A new year brings a new list of changes heading our way under the federal Affordable Care Act. NJHA’s Healthcare Reform Resource Center details the new provisions of the federal healthcare reform law that take effect in 2011.

This year ushers in the beginning of $4.5 billion in Medicare cuts for N.J. hospitals over the next 10 years – hospitals’ very generous contribution to try to insure more Americans and make our healthcare system more efficient and affordable. Other providers such as nursing homes and hospice also will experience funding cuts.

Other key changes for the new year include:

  • Added funding for community health centers
  • Payment bonuses for primary care physicians to help address primary care shortages
  • Redistribution of training slots for medical residents – again, an attempt to help ease certain physician shortages, and
  • The first incentive payments to healthcare providers that achieve new thresholds in the use of electronic health records.
Written by Betsy Ryan at 15:42

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