Donate Blood: There is No Replacement for This Natural Gift

The miracles of modern science! Scientists have crafted artificial hearts and joints, artificial sugar to flavor our food, artificial grass for our sports arenas and even this week, there’s news of an artificial hamburger grown in a laboratory. But there’s one precious commodity in which scientists have been unable to match the real thing, and that’s blood. About 5 million people receive blood transfusions in the United States each year. They are accident victims, cancer patients, burn victims and others who depend on this vital natural resource.

Unfortunately, the supply of donated blood in New Jersey has not kept pace with demands. And that shortfall is especially apparent in the summer months. That’s why I urge you to join the State of New Jersey’s Summer Rush program now through Aug. 11. It’s a focused effort to raise awareness and increase blood donations in the Garden State during these crucial days of summer.

Did you know that:

  • About one in seven people entering the hospital needs blood.
  • One pint of blood from a single donor may save three lives.
  • Sixty percent of New Jerseyans are eligible to donate blood, yet only 3.6 percent donate on a routine basis.

Our state’s Department of Health has a great Web site that provides a list of Summer Rush donation locations, along with an interactive map so you can click on your home county to find the nearest, most convenient blood drive. Giving blood is quick and it saves lives. Consider giving and check out the Web site!

Written by Betsy Ryan at 00:00

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