Quality & Patient Safety

Working Together to Make Healthcare Better: Partnership for Patients-NJ 2012-2016

An update on the progress made over the course of five years of quality improvement work.

Partnership for Patients
3-Year Report

New Jersey hospitals are on a constant quest to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients. This report measures the one-year progress of New Jersey's Partnership for Patients initiative.

Partnership for Patients
1-Year Update
Community Benefit Report 2012

This report aims to measure the value of those many community benefit programs that NJ hospitals provide and offers a reasonable and impressive accounting: $2.7 billion in services that touched the lives of our residents in more than 8.6 million individual "encounters."

Catheter Care and Infection Control Staying Safe While Using an Indwelling Urinary Catheter (For Patients) English Spanish
Working Together to Eliminate Healthcare-Acquired Infections Brochure & Poster Available in Eng. & Spanish. Educates patients on the importance of practicing proper hand hygiene and various steps to help eliminate some common healthcare acquired-infections. English Spanish
It's Your Healthcare, Be Involved! A tool to help patients and their families manage aspects of their healthcare, including information on managing their medications, what to do if they have to go to the hospital, and what to do after they are discharged. English Spanish
Help us Protect Your Skin Informing you and your family about pressure ulcers and how you can assist your healthcare providers in preventing them. English Spanish
Fall Prevention & Partnering to Prevent Falls in the Hospital Don't let the fear of falling stop you from living your life to the fullest! It is up to you to change your lifestyle in the appropriate way. Stay active, live in a safe environment and stay educated. English Spanish
Control Your Diabetes Better You are the most important member of your healthcare team. English Spanish
Heart Failure You can improve your own quality of life tremendously with a few lifestyle changes: English Spanish
Newborn Screening Protecting Your Baby's Health English Spanish
Let Nature Take its Course Talk to your doctor, nurse or midwife about the risks of choosing to have your baby early. English Spanish
Pocket Guide To Pressure Ulcers- Fourth Edition A vibrantly illustrated guide to preventing and treating pressure ulcers in a convenient size. Order
Pressure Ulcer Collaborative Button & Brochure "Wanted – NO ULCERS" Button and/or "Help us Protect Your Skin" Brochure Order
Standardizing Color Codes for Patient Risk Factors Brochure, Poster, Toolkit Helps transition your organization's patient risk color-code system and educate staff, patients and families. Included are posters, sample policy language, a presentation, handouts, FAQ for staff training, and a patient/family brochure. Order
When Should I Go to the Emergency Room? Where do you go if you or your child get sick? Should you go to the ER if its not an emergency? English Spanish