Patient Financial Resources Toolkit

NJHA developed the Patient Financial Resources Toolkit to assist members in the need for greater transparency and understanding of hospital pricing, billing, insurance coverage and other areas that are often perplexing to patients.

This toolkit contains:

  • Sample Web Content – Sample language for hospital Web sites covering key areas such as pricing and charges, understanding your insurance coverage, insurance plan participation, in-network vs. out-of-network, patient assistance programs and more. (Word document)

  • Annual Public Meeting Slides – A customizable PowerPoint presentation that may be used during your Annual Public Meeting. (PowerPoint)

  • PowerPoint Speaker Support Guide – A sample speaker script to be used with the Annual Public Meeting PowerPoint. (PDF)

  • Transparency Self-Assessment – A tool to facilitate internal discussion on consumer transparency practices. (PDF)

  • Patient Handout – “Understanding Hospital Prices,” a consumer handout. It comes in two versions:
    • A ready-made PDF with the NJHA logo that is ready to be shared, and a customizable
    • Word version that allows hospitals to add their own contact information and logo. (PDF, Word)

  • Patient Financial Services Logo – A simple graphic that hospitals may use on their Web sites or other materials to help consumers locate the information they need. (JPEG)

  • Consumer Guide Download – Download information for Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumer Guide, made available from the Healthcare Financial Management Association.