Patient Financial Resources Toolkit

NJHA’s Patient Financial Resources Toolkit provides tools to assist members in the need for greater transparency and understanding of hospital pricing, billing, insurance networks and other areas that are often perplexing to healthcare consumers.

Comfort and Compassion at the End of Life: A Palliative Care Tool Kit for Clinicians

Implementing a palliative care program helps to prevent and relieve suffering and supports the best possible quality of life for patients and their families through communication, shared decision making, holistic care and continuity of care.

Patient Race, Ethnicity and Primary Language Data Collection - Educational Tools and Resources Includes; Train-the-Trainer Manual, Instructional DVD, Reference Toolkit for Healthcare Intake Workers, Language Identification Guide and Web-based Interactive Training Course. Order
Standardizing Color Codes for Patient Risk Factors Brochure, Poster, Toolkit Helps transition your organization's patient risk color-code system and educate staff, patients and families. Included are posters, sample policy language, a presentation, handouts, FAQ for staff training, and a patient/family brochure. Order