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View Poster Utilizing IHI's Breakthrough Series methodology, a learning collaborative has been established for each hospital acquired condition (HAC). Learning sessions, conference calls, and ongoing communication are vital elements that add to the robust nature and success of each collaborative. By continuing the work plans of previous collaboratives and capitalizing on successes achieved, enhancing their scope of activities, and expediting the feedback cycles for more rapid implementation of changes, well-tested and measured best practices will boast improved quality and safe patient care.

Improving organizational and system efficiencies is a necessary foundation to any quality improvement effort. By integrating system improvements and reengineering with quality improvement initiatives, care processes and clinical outcomes will be improved. Incremental changes are necessary but not sufficient to address care quality issues. New Jersey's integrated approach is the only way that quality improvement efforts can lead to sustainable changes.

The figure below demonstrates that improved efficiency, linked with quality improvement efforts, would create safer care processes and environments, improve patient care and follow-up, improve patient safety and care outcomes, and improve patient experience of care, engagement and satisfaction. These would ultimately result in improved resource utilization, reduced readmissions, and lower overall cost of care.

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