N.J. Hospital Fast Facts

  • There are 113 total hospitals in New Jersey, including specialty hospitals. There are 72 acute care hospitals in New Jersey.

  • NJHA’s membership includes 108 hospitals, plus affiliate members including nursing homes, home health agencies, long term care hospitals and other healthcare providers, bringing the total member count to more than 400.

  • New Jersey hospitals employ more than 150,000 individuals. Collectively, healthcare is the largest private sector employer in New Jersey and ranks second only to government as the state’s largest employment sector.

  • All told, New Jersey hospitals provide $23.6 billion in jobs, spending and other economic benefits to the Garden State economy.

  • New Jersey hospitals provide about $1.9 billion in free and discounted healthcare annually to the uninsured, senior citizens and those in financial need.

  • New Jersey hospitals care for more than 15 million patients each year.

  • N.J. hospital emergency departments provide care and comfort to 3.8 million individuals annually.

  • New Jersey hospitals provide $2.8 billion in community benefits annually including health clinics, screenings, education and free and discounted care for the poor and uninsured.


Kerry McKean Kelly
Vice President, Communications and Member Services

NJHA Communications


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