Proposed Solutions

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This study is an evaluation of patient claims data based on where services were provided with the goal of identifying areas where strategic service placement could lead to better coordinated care. Proposed solutions for NJHA in partnership with its members and other stakeholders include:

  • EVALUATE patient-level data stratified by the patient’s zip code of residence to understand how and where attention to preventative care could positively impact population health.
  • CONVENE roundtables where leaders of local municipalities, community and social service agencies engage in data-driven discussions to move forward an agenda aimed at building sustainable systems of prevention and care.
  • EXPLORE use and availability of real-time data to address the needs of sub-populations including individuals at risk for disparate care, children, those with development disabilities and dual diagnosis, the elderly and other vulnerable populations.
  • FORM collaboratives using data-driven evaluations of service utilization and local tests of change designed to improve access to care and patient outcomes.
  • SUPPORT legislative initiatives at the state and national level designed to integrate care and improve outcomes for individuals regardless of point of service delivery.
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