Trustee Institute

NJHA's HRET Trustee Institute was founded in 1996 to provide hospital and health system trustees with educational programs and an expanded web site. Trustees know that the healthcare environment is constantly changing and in their role as a trustee they need to keep informed and up-to-date. Whether trustees come from business, the community or clergy, they all share a common goal of providing their community with a sound, quality healthcare facility.

NJHA recognizes hospital and health system trustees – both in New Jersey and across the nation – require specialized tools, comprehensive training programs and other educational resources to help them make the critical decisions required to effectively govern the healthcare marketplace.

With feedback from NJHA's Council on Hospital Governance and regional trustee meetings throughout the year, the Trustee Institute in partnership with HRET presents comprehensive educational programs and tools for the volunteer hospital trustee.

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Caroline Cebik
Manager, Community Leadership