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February PFP-NJHIIN Updates: Maternal Health Awareness Day; Spotlight on Safety: CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center's Mother-Baby-Family Friendly Program View
March PFP-NJHIIN Updates: NJHA's Pressure Injury Prevention Learning and Action Collaborative; Spotlight on Safety: Patient Safety Awareness Week View
April PFP-NJHIIN Updates: NJHIIN Collaborative to Reduce Medicaid Readmissions; Spotlight on Safety: NJHIIN Welcomes Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals and In-Patient Rehab Facilities View
August PFP-NJHIIN Updates: September is Sepsis Awareness Month!; Spotlight on Safety: SEPSIS: NJ Hospitals Rank Top 6 Nationally View
September PFP-NJHIIN Updates: NJHA Hosts Health Equity Through Language Program; Spotlight on Safety: NJ Hospital Efforts Recognized for Reducing CT Scans: #ScanSMart View
October PFP-NJHIIN Updates: Building Plans for Patient and Family Engagement Advisory Councils (PFACS); Spotlight on Safety: End-of-Life Planning in Diverse Populations View
December PFP-NJHIIN Updates: NJHIIN Out and About; Spotlight on Safety: Passaic County Care Community Coordination Coalition (Passaic C5) Update View