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Thu. 3/22
Tue. 4/24
Tue. 5/8
Tue. 5/15

Session I: You Can Have it All! ICD-10 Coder Productivity & Quality
Discover solutions to improve coder performance. Learn how to identify issues decreasing coding productivity and quality in your department and how to increase the productivity while improving the quality of your coders using ICD-10

Session II: Query Do’s & Don’ts
Gain an understanding of the importance of the query process while learning the do’s and don’ts of query writing. You will be walked through the process with real query examples for debridement, MI’s, urosepsis, CHF, BMI, and more.

Session III:  E&M Coding and Documentation for Hospital Coders
Learn the ins-and-outs of proper E&M code selection.  Gain an understanding of the documentation requirements necessary to avoid denials.

Session IV:  E&M Coding and Documentation for Physician Offices
In the professional coding and billing setting, learn the importance of complete and accurate documentation and E&M code assignment.



Thu. 3/22

NJHA New Strategic Partner Biocentris Pharmaceuticals takes hand hygiene seriously by focusing only on hand hygiene! Biocentris researches, develops and markets advanced infection prevention and skin care products for healthcare that are aesthetically pleasant and can be used repeatedly without buildup and skin irritation. 

All R&D efforts are based on novel cationic chemistry to create highly efficacious products that are skin friendly enough to be used hundreds of times per day without adverse effects. Products are manufactured in New Jersey in an FDA registered and inspected plant and are compliant with the current FDA monograph for healthcare antiseptic drug products.

Biocentris offers product system compatibility, alcohol and alcohol-free products and the latest in dispenser technology with optional hand hygiene monitoring systems in order to meet any and all infection prevention needs of health care facilities.

Join us on March 22 at 2 pm for an exclusive webinar — The Art and Science of Advanced Hand Hygiene Product Systems. Learn more about the Biocentris product line and why better formulation matters by giving the best immediate and persistent antimicrobial efficacy.

1) ICS3 blue antiseptic foam hand rub
• contains 72% ethyl alcohol active
• Formulated with advanced emollients and irritation mitigators
• Instant broad spectrum activity

2) ICS3 pink healthcare foam antiseptic handwash
• Contains 0.13% benzalkonium chloride active
• High antimicrobial efficacy comparable to 2% CHG
• Exceptionally mild due to multifunctional skin care components

3) Aquacil Moisturizing Cream
• Light emollience, non-greasy and CHG compatible formulation
• Safe for use with all types of gloves
• Can be used repeatedly with no buildup

Questions? Please contact NJHA Director of Marketing Jo Ann Morgano at 609-936-2199;

Mon. 3/26

This annual update details the best practices and strategies that can be used to overcome the various challenges of HIPAA compliance