Solutions by NJHA

NJHA's ongoing work and expertise on healthcare policy and regulatory issues yields an array of enhanced products and services that help healthcare organizations respond to the emerging challenges of an ever-changing healthcare system.

Following are NJHA's value-added tools to help healthcare organizations respond to compliance mandates, regulatory challenges and health reform issues.

The Challenge

The Solution


Staying in compliance with stringent audit timeframes and deadlines. AUDITTrax: A Web based workflow tool for management all audits. Timothy Keough
Needing to know a patients wishes when facing a serious illness. emPOLST: is an electronic mobile system designed to give patients complete control and ensures their POLST document is secured and available in the right care setting, for the right clinician, at the right time.

Sean Hopkins

Accurately create an accounting of disclosures under the HIPAA Privacy Act. HIPAA Trax™: is a practical web-based solution to assist with the Accounting of Disclosures Rule under HIPAA. Timothy Keough
Assist staff with the support of ICD-10 Available as an annual subscription service, your coding team can get answers quickly. Timothy Keough
Improving data reporting and analysis of patient safety events.

The Patient Safety Recorder: A customizable data collection and reporting tool that helps PSOs access reported information and generate more useful comparative measures.

Sean Hopkins

Verifying that clinical staff, contractors and vendors are permitted to work in the healthcare industry. VeCred Enhanced: A web based tool that cross-references state and federal exclusion lists to ensure employees, contractors and vendors are licensed and in good standing with the state of New Jersey. View Brochure Cindy Stratis
Accurately identify, document and treat pressure ulcers in all settings.

Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers: Provides identification and documentation guidance with vivid photography and illustrations from renowned experts, Dr. Jeffrey Levine and Elizabeth Ayello, Ph.D.

** Now includes treatment protocols.

Theresa Edelstein