Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Priority 3: Patient & Family Engagement

NAS Patient And FamillyOpioid use disorder among pregnant women is rapidly increasing nationwide. Engaging patients and their families and support networks is at the core of a framework for driving actions that create safe, reliable, high quality care. Clinicians often express difficulty navigating family dynamics and frustration with overcoming preconceived biases.

An integrated approach to perinatal care and addiction treatment, with engaged mothers and support teams, can help create a pathway to address the complex medical, behavioral and social needs of women at risk for substance use disorder.


  • Partner with credentialed physician practices to enlist participation and active engagement in pre- and post-natal consultation guidance.
  • Create consultation guidance that includes preparing for a healthy pregnancy, NAS signs and symptoms, expectations after childbirth, treating NAS, breastfeeding and discharge expectations.
  • Develop a framework for assessing clinical readiness, family preparedness and coordination of transfer of care, meeting new mothers and families “where they are.”
  • Design a workforce education and competency assessment to ensure cultural and linguistic competency.

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