Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Priority 10: Moms & Those Who Love Them

NAS Moms And Those Who Love Them

Consumer engagement in the development and delivery of health services to enhance the care of pregnant women results in improved outcomes. Involving consumers in developing patient information material results in material that is more relevant, readable and understandable for patients.

It’s especially important that women at risk of substance use disorder receive materials that are free of implicit bias and avoid stigma. Shared information should extend beyond clinical care to the availability of wraparound services to support moms and those who love them


  • Make sure mothers are aware of available services and how to access them.
  • Ensure that clinicians are well-versed in best practices in treating mothers who use substances.
  • Emphasize the language and vocabulary used when working with women at risk to remove stigma and treat them in a bias-free environment.
  • Treat women at risk for substance use disorder the same as others at risk for any other chronic disease.
  • Provide easy access to information on the availability of wrap-around supports.

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