Blood Donation

Save a Life- Donate Blood!

The New Jersey Hospital Association has a longstanding history of supporting blood donation in New Jersey.

New Jersey used 31,400 more units of blood than it collected in 2012.

  • State figures show that while 60 percent of people in New Jersey are eligible to donate blood, only 3.6 percent of them do — compared with 5 percent nationally.
  • New Jersey healthcare providers need 110 pints of blood daily to keep up with the demand.

No matter what the event, NJHA’s work focuses on the overall goal of all of our state’s drives, which is to ensure that New Jersey has an adequate blood supply at all times by increasing workplace blood donations in the state. NJHA’s efforts are aimed at motivating people to donate blood for patients who need blood transfusions for traumatic injuries, illnesses and surgeries whether through special campaigns, collaborative events, or everyday blood drives.

What Can You Do?

As a New Jersey employer, you can help alleviate the state’s blood shortage by:

  • Conducting more workplace blood drives in 2017
  • Encouraging employees to donate blood at community blood drives or at the nearest blood center or hospital donation site.

As an employee in New Jersey, you can:

  • Participate in your workplace blood drive
  • Help organize a blood drive at your workplace.

NJHA is the founding member of the New Jersey Workplace Blood Donor Coalition and partnered with New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee to launch the 2014 Super Community Blood Drive.

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