Garden State Patient Safety Center

The Garden State Patient Safety Center is a "Patient Safety Organization" (PSO) certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Initially certified in 2010, we work with healthcare providers to adopt a culture of patient safety at every level of the organization. This includes embracing a harm-reduction philosophy as a foundation for achieving high-quality care for patients, safer workplaces for employees and better health outcomes for our communities.

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires hospitals with over 50 beds to engage with a federally listed PSO or, if not working with a PSO, implement an evidence-based initiative to improve healthcare quality through the collection, management and analysis of patient safety events.

Assisted Living Organizations

Assisted living communities can submit data and monitor trends on quality measures that impact resident quality of life. This data forms the foundation for shared learning, beginning with the ability of the PSO participant to compare their community with aggregate performance of peer communities.

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The N.J. Board of Pharmacy requires a pharmacy to implement a continuous quality improvement program to detect, identify and prevent prescription errors. Membership in the PSO permits pharmacies to submit quality-related events and comply with requirements for a quality improvement program.

Other Healthcare Providers

The benefits of belonging to a PSO extend to a patient safety work product that is developed by individual clinicians, healthcare organizations or other entities that meet the definition of a provider under the federal Patient Safety Act and Patient Safety Rule.


More About PSOs

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 and 42 C.F.R., Part 3 Final Rule authorize the certification of PSOs by creating a culture of sharing, collaboration and analysis that promotes safer healthcare for all. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s PSO Program is charged with implementing federal patient safety provisions and oversees the PSO listing process, development and maintenance of the AHRQ Common Formats and Network of Patient Safety Databases. To help accelerate shared learning, use of the AHRQ Common Formats and voluntary contributions of data make it possible to aggregate and analyze patient safety information across provider networks.


Register for PSO Safe Tables

PSO Safe Tables are forums where healthcare professionals can discuss patient safety experiences, share best practices and learn from experts and each other. The setting provides a safe, confidential environment that allows health-care professionals to discuss challenges with the ultimate goal of quality improvement and patient safety.


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PSO members participate in data collection activities that are secure and privacy protected. Click here for secure access.



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