Operational Realities of Complying with the HCPRREA - November 6, 2019

This program will focus on compliance with the regulations governing the Health Care Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act (HCPRREA). The HCPRREA requires all licensed New Jersey healthcare entities to report licensed or certified healthcare professionals whose conduct is impaired and/or who exhibit incompetence or professional misconduct to notify the New Jersey Division of Comsumer Affairs, Health Care Professional Information Clearing House Coordinator.

The Department of Health regulations under HCPRREA address information that is required to be provided by healthcare entities to other healthcare entities in New Jersey as part of the employment process.

Participants will learn about provider and DOH and DCA experiences and lessons learned, as well as the practical, everyday implications of achieving compliance.


  • To understand the requirements of the HCPRREA
  • To achieve compliance with the reporting aspects of the Act and regulations
  • To identify areas for facility policy and procedure development
  • To understand the risks of non-compliance with the Act

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