I-PAC: Infection Prevention and Control for LTC

Building on the success of the Project Firstline infection prevention initiative, NJHA and its Health Research and Educational Trust has developed “I-PAC: Infection Prevention and Control for LTC” – a series of free webinars to help all levels of the long term care workforce – from clinicians to support staff – adopt a layered, multi-point approach to infection prevention.

Current I-PAC Offerings

Registration is free for I-PAC programs. Attendees will earn continuing education credits upon successful completion of each session. See the current webinar offerings, and use the link to register.





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Thur., April 20 (12 EDT) Focus On: Group A Streptococcus 30 mins
  • Discuss Group A Streptococcus (GAS) infections and potential symptoms
  • Risk factors for LTC residents to develop severe disease due to GAS
  • Review infection prevention practices
Thur., April 27 (12 EDT) Teamwork and Communication in Infection Prevention 30 mins
  • Review organization of infection prevention programs in a healthcare setting
  • Discuss elements of communication
Thur., May 4 (12 EDT) Hand Hygiene: New Guidance You Need to Know 30 mins
  • Review the updated recommendations for hand hygiene in healthcare
  • Discuss best practice strategies for implementing a hand hygiene program
Thur., May 11 (12 EDT) Infection Control Assessment & Response: Meet NJ's ICAR Team 30 mins
  • Discuss opportunities for education, training, and assessment to ensure infection prevention competency
Tues., May 18 (12 EDT) The Latest on Legionella 30 mins
  • Review the impact of Legionella infections in long term care
  • Discuss Legionella risks, reservoirs, and prevention methods
Thur., June 1 (12 EST) Recognizing Risk Part 1: Spotting Infectious Disease Threats 30 mins
  • Discuss LTC residents and their risks for developing infections
  • Review different factors within healthcare that could lead to an increased risk of infections
Thur., June 8 (12 EST) Recognizing Risk Part 2: Understand Healthcare Environment Reservoirs 30 mins
  • Define reservoirs within a healthcare setting
  • Review infection prevention methods to reduce risks associated with reservoirs
Thur., June 29 (12 EST) Respiratory Protection Plans for Your Team 30 mins
  • Review OSHA regulatory standard for respiratory protection
  • Discuss strategies for compliance
Download a PDF of the Spring 2023 schedule by clicking here.

I-PAC On Demand

Catch up on previous I-PAC classes by watching content on demand. Continuing education credits available.




Flu Fighters: Gearing Up for Influenza Season in Long Term Care Settings 45 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/47346
Standard & Transmission Based Precautions 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/47615
It’s In Your Hands: Hand Hygiene Refresher 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/47802
Enhanced Barrier Precautions 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/48215
COVID Boosters and Treatments 2.0 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/47944
What You Should Know About Norovirus 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/48818
Stop the Spread: Understanding Virus Transmission 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/48820
Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/49996
What’s New in Testing and Quarantine Guidance 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/48819
Bringing NHSN Reporting to Life, Part 1: C. diff Infections 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/50775
Bringing NHSN Reporting to Life, Part 2: Multi-Drug Resistant Infections 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/50965
Bringing NHSN Reporting to Life, Part 3: Review of Personal Protective Equipment 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/51212
Bringing NHSN Reporting to Life, Part 4: UTIs 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/51354
Protect Yourself: Standard Precautions and Injection Safety 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/51351
Important Concepts in Infection Prevention for LTC 30 mins https://education.njha.com/courses/51356