2014 - Medicare

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Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Payments. Reduces Medicare DSH payments as the number of uninsured patients is reduced, effective FY 2014.
Payment Update: Hospitals (Inpatient and Outpatient), Inpatient Psychiatric, IRFs, hospice, and LTCHs. Requires market basket minus 0.3%.
Quality Reporting. Requires quality reporting for LTCHs, IRFs, PPS-Exempt Cancer Hospitals, and Hospice.
Rebasing Home Health Payments. Directs the Secretary to improve payment accuracy through rebasing home health payments starting in 2014 and phased in over four years with a 3.5 percent per year limitation on reductions based on an analysis of the current mix of services and intensity of care provided to home health patients.
"Give Back" Based on Level of Insured. For fiscal years 2014-2019, the market basket reduction would be contingent on the level of non-elderly insured population relative to the projection of non-elderly insured at the time of enactment.
Independent Payment Advisory Board. Creates a 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) tasked with presenting Congress with comprehensive proposals to reduce excess cost growth and improve quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries. The IPAB would be tasked with presenting proposals to the President by January 15 of each year (beginning with 2014) except in years in which the CMS Actuary determines that the Medicare per capita growth rate does not exceed the target per capita growth rate, or the projected percentage increase in the medical care category of the CPI is less than the projected increase in CPI-U, or (for 2019 or subsequent years) the per capita growth rate for national health expenditures exceeds the Medicare per capita growth rate. Requires the board to send proposals to the Congress at the same time they are sent to the President. Hospitals excluded until 2019.
Improvements to the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative. Extends the PQRI program through 2014. For 2011, incentive payments would equal 1.0 percent and 0.5 percent for 2012, 2013, and 2014.