Provider Tools


The ACA contains thousands of provisions spanning a decade of reform. NJHA’s Regulation Tracker keeps users up to date on regulations to implement the law.

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Issue Briefs

The NJHA Government Affairs team reviews and analyzes Affordable Care Act policies that affect healthcare providers and patients. The library of NJHA Issue Briefs includes several on ACA provisions.

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Enrollment Toolkit

The CMS From Coverage to Care Enrollment Toolkit is a resource designed for community partners, assisters, and other people who help consumers enroll in coverage or change their plan. The toolkit has 5 sections that include why consumers should sign up for health coverage, what to know before enrolling, what to know when picking a plan, what to do after enrollment, and information for special circumstance. The toolkit can help guide consumers to choose the plan that meets their needs so they can get the care they need.

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ACA Checklist (members only)

This checklist provides employers with an initial review of its wellness program or programs to troubleshoot any potential ACA compliance issues. There are a several design options that are permitted for a wellness program. However, how a wellness program is designed will require it to meet certain specific requirements. This checklist can help determine what design category your wellness program meets as well as what requirements will impact it.

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