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The next open enrollment period begins Nov. 1st

Get Started

The Health Insurance Marketplace at was designed to simplify the enrollment process. You may find it easy to follow the steps and sign up for coverage without any additional assistance. But if you do need help, there are three ways to get help: by phone, with an in-person assister or from an agent or broker. Learn More >>

Be Prepared

Before you work with someone on enrollment, it may be helpful to get familiar with your insurance options by visiting the web site. All insurance plans offered through the Marketplace cover a list of 10 essential health benefits. Beyond those standard benefits, the plans will differ in what they cover and how much they cost. The plans are categorized as: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

When you meet with an in-person assister, broker or agent, or someone on the phone, it will be helpful if you are prepared with Social Security numbers for yourself and family members, or a document number for legal immigrants; birthdates for you and your family; a pay stub, W2 form or "wage and tax statement"; a policy number for any health coverage you currently have; and information about any coverage available through your job.