Guardianship & End of Life - April 3, 2018

Attendees will be educated on the emergent issues and law surrounding guardianship and end of life care in the healthcare setting, with topics that include:

  1. Gearing up for Guardianship - Estate planning, advanced directives, life supoort decisions - and what to do when there is nothing on file;
  2. Statutory requirements for declairing an adult incapacitated and appointing a Guardian;
  3. Guardianship Proceeding procedures - OSC, Compliant, Physicians' Certifications' interested parties, etc.;
  4. Potential Problems - Family objections, choice of guardian, litigation; and
  5. Requirements of Guardian - Fiduciary duties, best practices, and yearly accounting;
  6. Difficult decisions for patients nearing the end of life; and
  7. What tools do we have in NJ to assist with EOL decisions?

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Jeanne Kerwin Presentation

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Unique Apects of Advance Care Planning with Assisted Living Residents and Families - April 5, 2018

New Jersey's annual assisted living resident profile survey has demonstrated that residents are aging in place and new residents are older and have more complex healthcare needs when they come to live in assisted living communities. As these trends continue, communities will continue to grapple with advance care planning and the challenging conversations surrounding the clinical capabilities of assisted living communities as well as the expectations of families, residents and staff. This half day program will help communities', administrators, nurses, social workers and others involved in the advance care planning understand the issues from different perspectives and provide practical strategies for more effective advance care planning.

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