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Provider Update on Managed Medicaid: Acute Care & Long Term Support & Services (MLTSS and Behavioral Health Update - March 6, 2018

HRET and Leading Age NJ are co-hosting this seminar designed to inform providers of the changing Medicaid Managed Care environment. Providers will learn about recent policy changes and operational updates from the Department of Human Services. In addition, each of the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations will offer presentations on their Medicaid Managed care operations for acute care. MLTSS and the upcoming (July 1) Behavioral Health carve-in. Topics will include eligibility determinations, enrollment, care management, quality measurement, claims processings and payment denials and appeals, readmissions and cost-share.

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AETNA MLTSS Presentation

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AmeriGroup Presentation

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Acute Presentation

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UHCCP MLTSS Presentation

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WellCare Presentation

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Horizon Presentation                                        NJ State Presentation