Dec. 5, 2018: Webinar Introduces DRG Assure: Driving Severity and Risk Scores

NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions today presented the webinar DRG Assure: Driving Severity and Risk Scores Under Value-Based Payments to introduce the latest resource from HBS’ Health Information Services.

As reimbursement methods shift toward value-based payments, it is critically important to understand the relationship between clinical documentation, performance improvement/quality scores and medical record coding.

HBS Health Information Services developed DRG Assure which directly links clinical documentation with coding to drive more accurate severity of illness and risk of mortality scores. A playback of today’s webinar is available for those unable to participate live.

All Patients Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRGs) are now effective in New Jersey for Medicaid fee-for-service patients. A fiscal impact analysis of the APR-DRG severity of illness and risk of mortality-based system shows that 50 percent of New Jersey providers will experience a loss of revenue averaging $277,000.

For more information on how DRG Assure can help, contact HBS Health Information Services at 609-936-2200.