Sept. 28, 2017: Council of Children’s Hospitals Reviews Progress on Safe CT Imaging

The New Jersey Council of Children’s Hospitals met for its quarterly meeting, led by Chairman Dr. Ernie Leva.

Soniya Sheth, project manager for the Children’s Safe Imaging Collaborative at NJHA, provided an update on the #ScanSmart patient resources and educational toolkit that was sent to all New Jersey emergency departments. Since the start of the collaborative in September 2016, there has been a 22 percent reduction in the number of CT scans performed on children with minor head injuries. This decrease is due in part to the great work being done by N.J. hospitals. This month’s copy of the N.J. American Academy of Pediatrics’ journal will feature an article by Dr. Leva and Sheth on the collaborative.

Public education is the focus of the collaborative’s second year. In addition to developing the tools for providers, NJHA has issued a press release and social media messages to help educate parents and others about both the benefits and potential risks of CT scans in children.

The Council also heard an update from Jim Kaufman, vice president of public policy at the Children’s Hospital Association, on potential changes in federal healthcare policy that would affect children. He presented data showing that proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act would affect 30 million children covered by Medicaid nationally.

In other discussions, the Council reviewed the work plan for 2018 and heard an update on state legislative and budget activities.