Sept. 27, 2017: NJHA to Host Critical Care Symposium Oct. 24

Critical care is an all-encompassing specialty with almost limitless boundaries. It involves the use of life-sustaining, high-technology medicine catering to a patient population that extends to both extremes of age.

NJHA will host a daylong conference Oct. 24 to explore “hot button” critical care issues and creative strategies to tackle new and emerging critical care challenges.

Topics for discussion at this conference include:

  • Critical care nutrition
  • ABCDEF bundle
  • Critical care resuscitation units
  • Palliative care
  • Morals and ethics
  • Care of the obese patient. 

This program is targeted toward physicians, intensivists, nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health, registered dieticians, pharmacists, pharm Ds, respiratory therapists, physical therapists and public health professionals. 

To register, click here