Oct. 19, 2017: NJHA and Disability Rights NJ Offer New Tool for Voting While Hospitalized

Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities of citizens of the United States, but unexpected or long-term hospitalization can create an added hurdle to exercising the right to vote. To better educate the general public and specifically those in long term care situations, NJHA has partnered with Disability Rights New Jersey to create the pamphlet Do You Want to Vote?

Do You Want to Vote? goes through the process necessary to appoint a ballot messenger or apply for a mail-in ballot in cases when a voter cannot physically make it to the polls. This reference document is available on the NJHA website, under Consumer Resources, and is available to be downloaded and printed.

NJHA also reminds members that tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in New Jersey’s general elections next month.