Oct. 02, 2017: NJHA Quality Initiative Offers Free Update Webinar as It Enters Second Year

NJHA’s Health Research and Educational Trust is entering its second year as a Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN). NJHIIN is hosting an annual update webinar Sept. 29 at 12 noon to review project updates, activities and upcoming events. This webinar is free to join and is open for all those involved in the project.

Funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 16 HIINs from across the country lead the Partnership for Patients national effort for U.S. hospitals to improve the quality and safety of the care they deliver. NJHIIN works within New Jersey to support hospitals in this quality improvement journey, which works with healthcare providers, patients and families to improve patient outcomes in topic areas including healthcare-associated infections, undue exposure to radiation, sepsis, falls, preventable readmissions and adverse drug events.

NJHIIN improvement goals, resources, education and collaborative updates on all topic areas can be found at the newly update N.J. Partnership for Patients webpage.

Additionally, the Sept. 29 webinar will cover items such as:

  • Update on NJHIIN results for Year 1 on all areas of harm
  • Review of new hospital-specific reports
  • Discussion of current collaborative activities
  • Overview of HIIN resources and upcoming education events.

Click here to register for this free webinar.