Daily Message

June 23, 2017: Mental Health Training Open to School Nurses

NJHA is hosting Youth Mental Health First Aid training for school nurses Aug. 12 and Sept. 16 at the NJHA Conference and Event Center.

Youth Mental Health First Aid is the help offered to a young person experiencing a mental health challenge, mental disorder or a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate help is received or until the crisis resolves. Youth Mental Health First Aid does not teach participants to diagnose or to provide treatment. 

This program is designed to increase knowledge of mental health and substance use disorder issues in youth and adolescents; enhance sensitivity to the prevalence of mental disorders in adolescent development, resiliency and the spectrum of interventions; and raise confidence to intervene and assist individuals experiencing a mental health issue by using a Mental Health First Aid Action Plan.

These dates are for school nurses only. This program will be opened to all NJHA members in the very near future.

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