Daily Message

July 20, 2018: Webinars Scheduled on Nursing Home Any Willing Qualified Provider Initiative

Any Willing Qualified Provider (AWQP) is a nursing home quality improvement initiative from the Department of Human Services which is being implemented under Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS). 

DHS is offering two webinar dates this summer to present an overview of the initiative, particularly the appeal request and the quality performance plan report process. 

Under AWQP, Medicaid-certified nursing homes serving MLTSS participants will be required to meet quality performance standards as a means to raise the overall quality of care and establish standards for moving from state-set rates to negotiated, value-based contracting.  

Nursing homes will have the opportunity to appeal data results that impact or may impact their AWQP designation. The Quality Performance Plan Report is an action plan created by the nursing home to address any of the seven measures that fall outside the state benchmark. The QPP Report is used to support the nursing homes’ continuous quality improvement efforts. 

DHS is offering its 90-minute webinar on the following dates: