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Dec. 02, 2016: NJHA’s HIIN Introduces ‘High Reliability’ Approach with Dec. 14 Webinar

“High reliability organizations” are complex, high-risk organizations that deliver the right outcome each and every time, despite human error and potentially unsafe systems and processes. The science, strategies and tools of high reliability have been used by organizations that need to manage high risk including those in the aviation and nuclear power industries. 

What healthcare has in common with these organizations is the possibility that a single human error, such as wrong side surgery, blood transfusion incompatibility or medication error, could have tragic human consequences.

Helping healthcare providers become high reliability organizations is a component of NJHA’s new Hospital Improvement Innovation Network. On Dec. 14, NJHA will host Steve Kreiser, senior consultant for Healthcare Performance Improvement (HPI), who will present the webinar Improving Safety Culture Through a High Reliability Approach. Kreiser is a former FA-18 pilot with more than 21 years of leadership and management experience in the U.S. Navy. He has led many healthcare organizations throughout the country on the journey to becoming a highly reliable organization.

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