Daily Message

NJHA and its members are constantly improving healthcare and patient safety through innovative programs

NJHA’s quality improvement team attended the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ National Care Transitions Awareness Day Summit in Baltimore, featuring innovative strategies to improve care for patients and families as they travel across the healthcare continuum.

Among those highlighted for their efforts to improve care transitions was New Jersey’s Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, led by NJHA’s Health Research and Educational Trust of New Jersey. NJHIIN’s work to improve outcomes related to transitions of care – including the unique Veteran Navigator program – was featured in a video that was shown during the summit.

CMS leadership shared customer-focused initiatives to put “Patients over Paperwork,” while patient and family advocates shared programs that support vulnerable patient populations including patients with sickle cell disease and end-stage renal disease. Several organizations representing CMS-funded quality improvement initiatives shared their efforts to reduce hospital readmissions and implementation of transitional care programs across different care settings.