May 3, 2017: Statement of Betsy Ryan, NJHA President and CEO, on Opposition to the American Health Care Act with Proposed Amendments

“We understand that Congress may consider yet another amendment to try and fix the problematic American Health Care Act.  Adding $8 billion over a rumored 5 years to a pool to pay for the higher cost of insuring those with pre-existing conditions does nothing to alleviate our core concern - the bill will remove 24 million people from the insurance rolls and allow states to waive key provisions such as pre-existing condition protections and essential health benefits such as maternity, hospitalization and behavioral health/substance abuse treatment. The AHCA would completely overhaul the Medicaid program, removing $880 billion in funding that provides coverage for those in need.

We call upon Congress to let Congressional Budget Office score this bill with all of its amendments, so those voting on it know its true impact on the American people. NJHA continues to oppose this measure.”