July 25, 2017: Statement of Betsy Ryan, New Jersey Hospital Association President and CEO, on Senate Vote to Proceed on ACA Repeal

“Today’s vote is very disappointing. The well-being of millions of Americans is at stake, and we had hoped to see the Senate move toward a more thoughtful, transparent and bipartisan process. As our elected officials continue debating the future of healthcare for our nation, we ask them to remember the 32 million additional Americans who have health insurance today because of the Affordable Care Act, and the millions who would lose that coverage under this bill. In New Jersey, the coverage of 800,000 people added to the insurance rolls under the ACA, 1.8 million children and adults on Medicaid and millions more who have pre-existing health conditions is at risk. We fervently hope that the ensuing discussion in the U.S. Senate will focus less on partisan politics and more on sound healthcare policy, constituents’ wishes and the health of the American people.”