July 13, 2017: Statement of Betsy Ryan, New Jersey Hospital Association President and CEO, on the Revised Senate Bill ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’

“As senators continue to tinker around the edges of this unpopular bill, the reality remains that millions of people will lose their current health insurance coverage and state Medicaid programs will be gutted by federal cuts under this latest reinvention.

“The best way to ensure good health is to: 1. Make sure that people can access the healthcare services they need, from preventive care to hospitalization; 2. Make sure that they can afford that care – both their premiums and their out-of-pocket costs; and 3. Ensure the care they receive is high-quality and high-value. As our healthcare community continues to focus on providing high-quality healthcare, the new bill today fails once again on those other key tenets. Too many people would be cut off from the healthcare services they need, and the skimpy health plans and lack of protections for pre-existing health conditions would raise prices for many.

“In recent weeks we have seen signs of improvement in the current insurance markets. In New Jersey, insurance customers will have even more choices as another new company joins the healthcare marketplace. We urge Congress to stop these machinations to force an unpopular bill to the President’s desk and instead work in a bipartisan fashion to fix what needs fixing in the current healthcare law – without disrupting healthcare for millions of people.”