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Reading Materials on Variability Methodology


About The Institute for Healthcare Optimization

Selected Case Studies

The financial ROI from of our work with the hospitals depending on the hospital size and patient flow structure (e.g., proportion of surgical patients) varies from $17,000/bed to over $300,000/bed annually.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital


If all 5,800 US hospitals apply Variability Methodology and achieve only 10% of what Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has achieved, it would mean $58 billion in avoided capital cost plus over $79 billion in incremental annual revenue.

Boston Medical Center Case Study

At the Boston Medical Center the number of postponed or cancelled surgeries has been reduced by 99.5 percent. Emergency Department diversion hours have been reduced by 20 percent, while the number of surgeries increased by over 8 percent resulting in multimillion incremental revenue.

National Implication

Additional Information

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Variability and Mortality

Variability and Readmissions

Variability and Rapid Response Teams