By joining the National Patient Safety Organization for Assisted Living, your organization will have the ability to:

  • Utilize communication tools to improve safety and quality measures
  • Become more favorable as a preferred provider to integrated health care models such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Achieve better resident outcomes through improved safety and quality processes
  • Benchmark outcomes regionally and nationally
  • Access a non-punitive reporting system that is designed to reduce or minimize harm to residents
  • Contribute to national safety initiatives
  • Solidify a culture of safety and awareness
  • Reduce liability costs and exposures
  • Detect and address emerging quality issues as they arise through alerts and other communication methods

Knowledge is power—by gaining access to this previously unavailable national data, assisted living communities can gain a better understanding of their unique strengths and weaknesses, and set specified improvement goals.

Benefits for residents include:

By joining the PSO, your community is demonstrating their dedication to providing quality care to you. 

When your community collects this information they can use it to improve the quality of care they provide to you.

Your community will have access to best practices and education materials to help them provide quality care to you.

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