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Keep NJ Healthy is a service of the New Jersey Hospital Association, which partners with its members to make the garden State a healthier place to live, work and play. Our members are engaged in wellness efforts for their communities and for their employees.

Did You Know:

  • Nearly one out of four New Jersey adults is obese.
  • If current trends continue, nearly half of New Jersey adults will be obese by 2030.
  • Obesity contributes to rising healthcare costs. New Jersey spent $2.2 billion on obesity-related healthcare in 2008. That spending is projected to climb to $9.3 billion by 2018 if the obesity trend is not reversed.
  • Today's childhood obesity rates are putting our children on course to be the first generation in this country to live shorter and less healthy lives that their parents.

Wellness In Your Community

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Be Active Your Way

Find advice for embarking on a fitness program geared toward your goals.

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