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Join NES on this webinar to learn how to help your employees recover “found money” from the government, helping enhance workforce retention and lowering work comp rates. Government tax credits are available to your front line staff, which goes a long way to help address your employees’ financial concerns. This program is combined with the offering of low cost voluntary benefits, helping offset the high out-of-pocket expenses with all health insurance plans.


This seminar will engage participants in learning about strategic trends in the senior living sector within the framework of the national economy, the capital lending environment and the aging services climate both nationally and in New Jersey.


1. Identify key strategic trends in the senior living sector nationally and within New Jersey

2. Learn about navigating the complex environment of payment reform and managed care

3. Understand what lies ahead in terms of technology solutions in advancing innovation within an organization

4. Identify opportunities to improve overall financial and operational health

5. Learn how to make campus investments and adjust to external disruptors in a highly competitive environment

Wed. 2/13

The hospital industry has experienced tremendous consolidation over the past 25 years. This consolidation has created numerous challenges that stakeholders must navigate under antitrust and tax laws and accounting guidelines. This half-day program will address these challenges and opportunities, including the following:

• Impact of federal and state antitrust enforcement on further provider consolidation

• Provider-payer contracts and joint ventures

• Tax benefits of combining for-profit affiliates

• Development of system-wide financial assistance policies.

Mon. 2/25

On October 4, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finalized updated requirements of participation for long-term care facilities. This webinar will focus on the provisions that require compliance by November 28, 2019, which is known as Phase Three. Key actions steps will be discussed.


  • Understand the provisions that require compliance by November 28, 2019

  • Identify areas for development of facility policy and procedure

  • Learn CMS' expectations with respect to compliance

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The CCS Exam Prep is a refresher course designed to assist you with the challenges of studying for AHIMA’s Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) examination. Are you ready? Each session is designed to improve, review, refresh, and renew your coding skills.

Each session will offer guidance and practice with multiple choice and medical scenario test taking, as well as recommendations on what you need to do to prepare for the actual exam.

The CCS Exam Prep will include lecture, discussion, assessments and exercises and will target topics most likely to be included in the CCS exam. The CCS Exam reparation course is designed to help you pass the test! Participants are encouraged to have a current CPT and ICD-10-CM/PCS books available during the webinars.

Tue. 3/19

This conference will address issues that impact transitions of care for patients and families across the continuum. Participants will gain knowledge regarding strategies to improve outcomes for complex patients, reduce readmissions and develop sustainable healthcare community coalitions.


• Describe interventions that assist patients and families to achieve a successful care transition experience across care settings

• Outline the benefits of engaging community stakeholders in patient transitions of care post-discharge

• Define how a collaborative approach can improve outcomes for behavioral health patient populations

• Understand the impact of care transitions from the patient perspective

3/28/19 & 3/29/19

Please join us at the ONL NJ annual meeting to explore the meaning of disruptive innovation and how it can expand nursing practice from the status quo to nurses practicing to the full extent of their education and training.

Wed. 4/17
Wed. 7/17
Wed. 10/16
Wed. 12/11

Program Objectives:

  • To afford participants an overview of the most current issue of Coding Clinic

  • To offer a platform to ensure that coders are aware of the most up to date advice

  • an opportunity for discussion and questions related to the quarterly update


4/30/19 & 5/7/19

The Healthcare Ethics Committee Symposium is designed to address the vital role of healthcare ethics committees and their unique responsibilities, including education, clinical ethics consultation and policy development and review. Using case studies, published materials, institutional policies, role plays and personal experiences, the faculty and attendees will explore issues that typically require ethical analysis and resolution. These issues include informed consent and refusal, decisional capacity and decision making by and for patients, truth telling and confidentially, care at the beginning and end of life, justice and access to healthcare services, and organizational ethics.

Ethics committees come in all shapes, sizes and stages of development; their members bring varying skill sets, knowledge bases and levels of experience. Because the program’s central focus will be skills and strategies to enhance healthcare ethics committees as organizational resources, this intensive two-day symposium is essential for anyone who chairs, serves on or supports healthcare ethics committees


The updates to the CPT Manual for 2020 are effective January 1, 2020.  Changes will include revised and deleted codes, and new codes and modifiers.  This program will prepare health information coders to apply the new and revised codes accurately.
Webinar participants will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Implement changes in your facility to accurately report the 2020 CPT codes

  • Reduce denials by reporting the 2020 codes accurately and timely by the Han. 1st effective data