Thinking Outside the Box: Bolstering Response Capabilities, Building Partnerships & Preparing for the Unexpected - June 3, 2019

Community and state preparedness are essential to the health security of all Americans. The degree of integration of health care services with each other and across the continuum of public health, behavioral health and social services contributes significantly to overall community health and relatedly, the community's resilience to withstand the impacts of a disaster. Events in the last few years have demonstrated how critical it is for health systems locally and across the country to be ready and able to respond quickly and effectively.

Amy Herman - will guide us through methods to change the way we look at and respond to events through The Art of Perception.

Sheri Fink - Author of Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital, will share unique circumstances that challenge the way we prepare.

Ocean County Public Health Department's Mukesh Roy and Daniel Regenye, with Dr. Hillel Peltz from CHEMED Health Center, will discuss challenges, partnerships and best practices from their experiences during a measles outbreak.

Elya Baltazar and Susan Pe;aez from Northwest Healthcare Response Network, will share their experiences working with community partners to increase medical surge capabilities and share a preparedness curriculum to build community resilience for a disaster.

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A. Herman Presentation

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H. Peltz, M. Roy, & D. Regenye Presentation

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E. Baltazar & S. Pelaez Presentatiion

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S. Fink Presentation