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In the rapidly changing payments landscape, does your organization have an up-to-date payment strategy that benefits you and your suppliers?

Join NJHA and CommerceHealthcare® as we examine five key focus areas your organization can use to develop a flexible and comprehensive payment portfolio.

In this session, we’ll review:

  • Guidelines for aligning your payment strategy with key goals

  • Ways to create winning relationships with suppliers

  • Trends and changes in supplier payments and how to leverage them

  • Options for enhancing your current card program to generate additional revenue

  • Tips for partnering with a payments provider

CommerceHealthcare® delivers a fresh perspective on healthcare financial solutions by focusing on receivables, payments and lending.

CommerceHealthcare® develops long-term partnerships with healthcare providers through automated payment products, patient financing and lending solutions. With tailored ROI-based solutions, hospitals can find cost savings, improve cash flow, and optimize revenue and payments.

Learn more about streamlining financial processes without replacing your current payment provider.

Thu. 2/27


Join us for a webinar on the latest evidence-based information for the prevention and management of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) presented by Dr. Gregory A. Maynard.

Being in the hospital is a major risk factor for the development of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Patients with decreased mobility - due to bedrest or recovery - or who experience blood vessel trauma - due to surgery or other serious injury - are more likely to develop blood clots.

In fact, up to 60 percent of all VTE cases occur during or within 90 days of hospitalization, making it a leading preventable cause of hospital death.

To prevent VTE, hospital staff should evaluate patients for their risk of developing blood clots and use proper prevention and treatment procedures.

Part I - 12/10/19

Join us for a two-part webinar series on the latest evidenced-based information for the management of pediatric sepsis.

The resolution on sepsis by the United Nations World Health Assembly in May 2017 recognizes sepsis as a global threat in adults and children and a priority for the World Health Organization to address during the next decade. This resolution on sepsis acknowledges that sepsis represents a major contributor to childhood morbidity and mortality and the associated economic burden. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 ( defined specific targets for infections and pandemics.2 Despite the huge burden that sepsis imposes on the health of children,3,4 current definitions of pediatric sepsis are of limited value to bedside clinicians to identify cases of sepsis affecting early identification and treatment. We bring this 2-part webinar series to continue the conversation on how we can improve on identifying, treating, and monitoring the septic child in a timely manner.

JAMA Pediatr. 2018;172(4):313-314. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2017.5208


December 10, 2019


New Jersey Hospital Improvement Innovation Network conference will be full of sharing of HRO strategies, successes and challenges by health systems across the state. Hear from panels of expert physicians, quality directors and leaders across the continuum of care about their experience in implementing the High Reliable principles within different settings.

Also, we will be reviewing Quality Improvement efforts over the past several years to see if, in fact, it's made a difference in patient safety. Join us in tracking where we've made progress and mapping where we need to go.


March Sessions
August Sessions

The CCS Exam Prep is a refresher course designed to assist you with the challenges of studying for AHIMA’s Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) examination. Are you ready? Each session is designed to improve, review, refresh, and renew your coding skills.

Each session will offer guidance and practice with multiple choice and medical scenario test taking, as well as recommendations on what you need to do to prepare for the actual exam.

The CCS Exam Prep will include lecture, discussion, assessments and exercises and will target topics most likely to be included in the CCS exam. The CCS Exam reparation course is designed to help you pass the test! Participants are encouraged to have a current CPT and ICD-10-CM/PCS books available during the webinars.

Tue. 3/17

NJHA and LeadingAge NJ & DE co-host this annual seminar to inform providers of the changing Medicaid Managed Care environment. Providers will learn about recent policy changes and operational updates from the Department of Human Services. In addition, each of the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, including a representative from the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, will offer presentations on their Medicaid Managed Care operations for acute care, MLTSS and behavioral health services. Topics will include new policies, case management processes, new technology/portals, market coverage and staffing changes. There will also be a discussion of value-based efforts as well as a focus on upcoming innovations at Medicaid and in the state’s 1115 waiver.


• To learn about managed care process changes, including case management, payment policies and market dynamics

• To facilitate dialogue between the full continuum of providers, the managed care organizations and the state

• To learn about the Department of Human Services’ changes to the state contract with the MCOs as well as the Medicaid waiver.

Wed. 3/18

This program will give the HIM Professional a basic overview of the hospital revenue cycle and it will help HIM staff understand why the revenue cycle is so important and where they fit into the equation.

Program Objectives:

  • Illustrate the hospital revenue cycle including registration, scheduling, coding, billing and denials management

  • Identify key departments in a hospital revenue cycle

  • Explain the importance of HIM in the revenue cycle

  • Define the course of activities in a hospital revenue cycle

  • Introduce and explain examples of key performance measures in the revenue cycle

Fri. 3/20
Thu. 4/2
Tue. 4/14

Sexual violence against seniors in all setting is a tragedy, Unfortunately, it is on the rise. This seminar is designed for healthcare and senior living staff in nursing, social work, recreation rehabilitation, dining and administration to understand the facts of sexual violence, the rights of seniors, behaviors that are considered sexual violence, the impact on survivors how to support survivors, how to report incidents and creating a culture of safety that does not tolerate any form of sexual violence. Our faculty include experts in the field of sexual violence, healthcare regulation and law enforcement.


01/21/2020 - 03/24/2020

Regardless of the care setting, the fragile nature of an elderly individual significantly increases the risk of falls or falls with serious injury or disability, individuals moving from one level of care to another experience changes in level of need based on diagnoses, co-morbid conditions, response to treatment or the natural changes related to the aging process. Providers are faced with the challenge of designing effetive risk-assessment mechanism, establishing follow-up protocols, implementing policies and practices, and educating staff, patients and residents in a way that meets the need of the communities they serve.

Click the date below to register

January 21st - Predictive Risk Factors: Rethinking Injurious Falls Using a High Reliability Team-based Approach

February 11th - Injurious Fall Risk: A Person-centered Approach to Acute Confusion (Delirium) as a Medical Emergency

March 24th - Polypharmacy, Side Effects, and Injourious Fall Risk: A Review of Beer's Criteria and Steps for Deprescribing


This interactive, high-energy session explores how mentoring can be embedded in the fabric of leaders (formal and informal) and organizations as a transformational force to build human capacity and drive employee engagement in the workplace. In a LEAN healthcare environment where we are challenged to be efficient, mentoring is an essential leadership strategy to build talent, employee engagement, and morale within the workforce. Content focuses on mentoring as an essential leadership strategy that must be embedded into the organization’s DNA through the alignment of knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes around mentoring reflected in work units, departments and the overall organization. Participants will explore the current state of the science in mentoring as well as the key differences between the roles/purposes of preceptors, residency program mentors, coaches, and mentors. Participants will leave this session knowing the six evidence-based Mentoring Practices and their associated Mentoring Benefits for building mentoring culture in nursing and will begin to identify ways to apply to their work as leaders. Additional content added to this presentation will include practical strategies for success for individuals (mentors and mentees) and organizations including relationships building and goal setting and evaluation.

This workshop is a deep-dive, application focused, full version of the beginning content in Nurse Builder’s: The Mentoring Difference curriculum, an innovative leadership development curriculum designed to deliver practical, evidence-based training that supports formal and informal leaders in creating and sustaining mentoring culture in their workplace.

Tue. 4/7

NJHA's initial Patients, Prejudice & Policy conference explored issues of implicit bias in healthcare. In Part 2, we will move from dialogue to action, discussing the key tenets of ACT: Awareness, Change, Transformation.

Wed. 4/8

This Program will prepare health information (HIM) and other clinical professionals

to understand concepts and current trends related to Social Determinants of Health,

population health and how clinical documentation and the HIM coding practices can

have a positive impact on health.

Participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about the background of SDoH, national trends, and current legislative and health provider initiatives

  • Understand how data analytics and coordination of care can reduce costs while improving care

  • Learn how improved documentation and ICD Coding can drive health and value

  • Understand how HIM professionals play a role in overall health status


Wed. 4/15
Wed. 7/15
Wed. 10/14
Wed. 12/16

Program Objectives:

  • To afford participants an overview of the most current issue of Coding Clinic

  • To offer a platform to ensure that coders are aware of the most up to date advice

  • an opportunity for discussion and questions related to the quarterly update


Thu. 4/16

The International Association for Healthcare Safety & Security in coordination with New Jersey Hospital Association, is hosting its first New Jersey conference. Safety and security subject matter experts will be on hand to present informative content and inspire questions for discussion.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Safety and Security Risk Assessments

  • Joint Commission Updates for Safety & Security Practitioners

  • Emergent and Planned Evacuations

  • Development of a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

  • Acts of Violence & Business Continuity

  • Safety and Security Metrics for the C-suite

4/23/2020 - 4/24/2020

In face of uncertainty, it has become evident that nurses need to: (1) become more entepreneurial, (2) embrace technological advancement, and (3) globalize their mindset and practices. We know that the power of nursing extends beyond the bedside. Nurses are needed as educators, researchers, scientists, and policy makers. Becoming a nurse entrepreneur requires hard work, creativity, passion, and a degree  of risk-taking and adaptability.

Please join the Organization of Nurse Leaders of  New Jersey of New Jersey as we explore nursing innovation past present and future!


The updates to the CPT Manual for 2021 are effective January 1, 2021.  Changes will include revised and deleted codes, and new codes and modifiers.  This program will prepare health information coders to apply the new and revised codes accurately.
Webinar participants will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Implement changes in your facility to accurately report the 2021 CPT codes

  • Reduce denials by reporting the 2021 codes accurately and timely by the Jan. 1st effective date