careLearning is a nonprofit organization formed more than a decade ago which is owned and operated by more than 40 state hospital associations including NJHA. These associations work in partnership to offer a comprehensive workforce education management solution to member hospitals with an affordable price and convenient online platform.

Over 280 hospitals and healthcare organizations nationally use careLearning for their employee education needs. Virtually all of these organizations offer the On-Line Health and Safety Compliance Training Series to their employees to meet their Joint Commission/OSHA requirements.

careLearning provides:

  • A powerful underlying database which contains data captured from employee education activity. The database resides at the hospital location and not at careLearning.  Participating hospitals maintain ownership and control of this data.
  • Capability to track online activity as well as in-service education sessions.
  • A utility which easily updates the database with changes in payroll so new staff additions and deletions are accurately updated within the database.
  • The ability to develop and publish “private courses” using hospital-specific content. Virtually all participating hospitals utilize this money-saving benefit.  
  • Ready access with no long-term contractual commitments.

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Tue. 5/22

The presentation, “Staying Legal in a Political World, will give attendees a way to think about the myriad laws that affect political activity. Special emphasis will be given to the issues most likely to affect incorporated hospitals and other, similar businesses, in the area of campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, federal and state gift regulation, and IRS treatment of political activity.

The presentation will weave these subjects together, starting from the perspective of how to help companies meet what can seem like diverse and seemingly irreconcilable objectives: advancing their policy objectives, while maintaining a culture of compliance and managing their public reputations in an adversarial and capricious political environment.

Wed. 5/23

This webinar will feature the services of new NJHA Strategic Partner, F.E. DiBacco, Inc., a specialist in the review of corporate and institutional depository relationships.

The webinar will focus on the continuing trend of rising banking fees and where bank line item errors and overcharges are often masked and overlooked.  With a focus to help identify and reduce fees, F.E. DiBacco performs a thorough analysis of bundled charges that are often buried and hard to detect. F.E. DiBacco will demonstrate its unique approach, that uses proprietary patented software, that goes beyond a summary view by drilling down further and showing how pricing is analyzed in different ways, by product groups, subsidiary accounts and against benchmarks. 

To accomplish this analysis, F.E. DiBacco utilizes its extensive banking experience coupled with its patented software system, that includes pricing studies and fee updates from over 1100 banks.  F.E. DiBacco provides unique value by certifying that transaction volume and line item charges are actually necessary and that unit pricing is fair and equitable.

NJHA used the services of F.E. DiBacco and experienced a 36 percent reduction in its bank fees.

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Thu. 5/24

Please join an in-depth discussion on modern nursing workforce trends to promote high-value care for healthcare consumers. National experts, nursing leaders, policymakers and front-line RNs will join this important dialogue on healthy work environments, staff empowerment, shared governance and innovation in workforce.