careLearning is a nonprofit organization formed more than a decade ago which is owned and operated by more than 40 state hospital associations including NJHA. These associations work in partnership to offer a comprehensive workforce education management solution to member hospitals with an affordable price and convenient online platform.

Over 280 hospitals and healthcare organizations nationally use careLearning for their employee education needs. Virtually all of these organizations offer the On-Line Health and Safety Compliance Training Series to their employees to meet their Joint Commission/OSHA requirements.

careLearning provides:

  • A powerful underlying database which contains data captured from employee education activity. The database resides at the hospital location and not at careLearning.  Participating hospitals maintain ownership and control of this data.
  • Capability to track online activity as well as in-service education sessions.
  • A utility which easily updates the database with changes in payroll so new staff additions and deletions are accurately updated within the database.
  • The ability to develop and publish “private courses” using hospital-specific content. Virtually all participating hospitals utilize this money-saving benefit.  
  • Ready access with no long-term contractual commitments.

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Tue. 6/27

Incidents of mass violence, including terrorist attacks, bombings and mass shootings, are especially devastating. The psychological consequences of directly experiencing or witnessing mass violence are often serious, with rates of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) and other related conditions being two to three times higher than natural disasters. Acute presented by these attacks, the situation is likely to entail several foreseeable psychological hazards. It is important for leaders and decision-makers, as well as first responders and first receivers across all disciplines, to have the appropriate knowledge, awareness and skills to help manage the psychosocial consequences of mass violence as well as be familiar with the core elements of psychological first aid and how to access and effectively interoperate with the state and local disaster behavioral health system.

This full-day conference will provide education on the unique psychosocial effects of mass violence and terrorism, as well as strategies to mitigate the psychological effects after disasters of human intention.

Wed. 6/28

This webinar will cover the Department of Health and the Division of Consumer Affairs regulations governing the Health Care Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act (HCPRREA). The HCPRREA requires all licensed New Jersey health care entities to report licensed or certified health care professionals whose conduct is impaired and/or who exhibit incompetence or professional misconduct to notify the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Health Care Professional Information Clearing House Coordinator. The Act covers licensed and certified professionals who are employed by, under contract to render professional services to, or who have clinical privileges granted by a health care entity, or who provides such services pursuant to an agreement with a health care services firm or staffing registry.

A health care professional also has an obligation to file a report with the Health Care Professional Information Clearing House Coordinator if that health care professional has information which reasonably indicates that another health care professional has demonstrated an impairment, gross incompetence or unprofessional conduct which would present an imminent danger to an individual patient or to the public health, safety or welfare of the patient.

Thu. 6/29
Thu. 9/28
Wed. 12/13
Wed. 12/13

Now in it's 12th year, this popular program, developed by NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions, is updated and offered quarterly throughout the year.  Each unique program will provide a comprehensive overview of new and revised Medicare rules and regulations.  Our expert staff will research, analyze and decipher the coding and billing rules and present them in a straightforward and organized manner cutting to the chase and presenting in simple terms what you really need to know.

Each quarterly program will address new, timely and evolving issues with its own list of agenda topics that are hot-off-the-press.