County Health Profiles

Knowing and assessing communities with their unique health needs is not only essential to provide the best possible healthcare services, it is now an IRS reporting requirement. 

The 2012 edition of County Health Profiles provides a snapshot of the demographic and healthcare landscape in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties. As part of its Building Healthier Communities initiative, NJHA’s Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) developed these profiles to help hospitals identify health-related problems or weaknesses in the communities that they serve and develop programs to address them.

This health planning and benchmarking tool uses data from the U.S. Census and other federal sources, the N.J. Departments of Health, Human Services and Labor to ensure a more comprehensive assessment of community needs. Each county profile includes data on population by:

  • Age, gender, race/ethnicity and education
  • Income and poverty, employment, housing and welfare programs
  • Environmental safety, health coverage; maternal and child health; prevention/health behaviors and screenings
  • Morbidity and reported diseases and healthcare utilization/resources
  • Mortality

In addition, there is county-level data on more than 350 measures presented in tables and charts. 

The profiles are available both in print and electronic format on CD-ROM. The CD version includes the entire County Health Profiles report in PDF, as well as tables and figures in manipulative data format in Excel with additional features such as benchmarking against Healthy People 2020 targets for select indicators. It also includes a comprehensive directory of county and state resources.


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Available both in print and CD. CD version includes:

  • County Health Profiles report in PDF
  • tables and figures editable in Excel
  • benchmarking against Healthy People 2020 targets for select indicators
  • comprehensive directory of county and state resources

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